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I'm a self-taught programmer and math geek. I want to learn everything, I work on AI Alignment in order to reduce extinction risks.

TLDR of Life plan

  1. Identify most promising alignment directions
  2. Study the hell out of the relevant topic-area (ML, Neuroscience, Fundamental applied math) and other things I deem important (meditation, rationality, things high in learntropy)
  3. Work on aligning the AI
  4. ???
  5. Save the world

In my culture

You basically can't offend me, I operate by Crocker's rules, meaning I'm fine with people optimizing their messages for information content over tact.

You can ask me for things. If there's something that's easy for me and hard for you go ahead and ask. I am capable of saying no to things, and I enjoy helping people. In particular:


I'm participating in agent foundations seri mats stream under shard theory (Alex & Quintin), meaning I'm in Berkeley January 1st through February 28th. Would love to meet up.

After that I'll probably be studying hard as well as often be in the Berkeley area.