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Two styles of AI risk arguments

Added 2022-07-02, Modified 2022-07-20

A common failure in introducing AGI risk, and how to do better

Optimal Polynomial Approximation

Added 2022-03-13, Modified 2022-07-20

An introduction to linear algebra and least squares on functions

Newton's Method

Added 2022-02-17, Modified 2022-07-20

A gentle introduction to root finding and its applications

Quotes and Proverbs

Added 2021-12-18, Modified 2022-08-13

"Beware of thinkers whose minds function only when fuelled by a quotation." - Emil Cioran


The Rationality Community Sucks

Added 2023-06-21, Modified 2023-06-21

Why I view the rationalist community as ACTIVELY HARMFUL

All Computable Functions are Continuous

Added 2023-01-14

When the continuous and discrete cross, fireworks appear

Incentives considered harmful

Added 2023-01-14

Incentives, commitment devices, and accountability, are all actively harmful when they replace intrinsic motivation due to the overjustification effect

Self Alignment

Added 2022-09-05

Bug generators, Hamming questions and the importance of internal alignment.

Staring at a candle for an hour

Added 2022-08-25, Modified 2022-08-31

It isn't as boring as it sounds, you should start meditating.

KL Divergence Made Easy

Added 2022-07-28

KL-divergence is just the expected additional surprise from the map territory mismatch

ELK Research Postmortem

Added 2022-07-21, Modified 2022-07-28

Lessons from the research I did for the Prometheus ELK contest with Luke Bousfield

Duality done right

Added 2022-03-08, Modified 2022-06-26

A more elegant view of duality then is presented in axler's book

How to study a pure math textbook

Added 2022-02-16, Modified 2022-04-08

Lessons painfully learned from teaching myself math

Regex adventures

Added 2022-02-08, Modified 2022-03-12

Perl is overpowered and can replace grep,sed,awk,cut, etc

Cool Stuff

Added 2021-12-21, Modified 2022-07-31

Giant blob of links to things that wowed me, or are useful

Learning Recommendations

Added 2021-12-09, Modified 2022-04-08

Advice for learning faster, and specific advice for various topics


Added 2021-09-11, Modified 2022-08-31

Deriving cosh and sinh using implicit differentiation

Generating Functions

Added 2021-05-29, Modified 2022-08-31

How polynomials are equivalent to dice

Eulers Theorem

Added 2021-04-15, Modified 2022-09-18

Groups make it easy

Recursion abuse

Added 2021-02-16, Modified 2022-08-31

What recursion is actually good for

Polynomial interpolation

Added 2020-12-19, Modified 2022-09-03

From scratch, using gaussian elimination



Make Caring Cool

Added 2022-09-02

Caring is beat out of us as children. Can we do something about this?

Self Empiricism

Added 2022-07-30

Patterns revealed from 80+ of my journal entries, and why you should start journaling.

Derivative tricks

Added 2022-07-29, Modified 2022-08-01

Nonstandard derivative exercises, used for a calculus class I'm teaching.

Javascript Automation Tricks

Added 2022-07-20

Quick guide to automating the boring stuff with javascript

On token efforts

Added 2022-06-26, Modified 2022-07-04

A token effort is one that is done more for social status then practical effectiveness, this is an analysis of their advantages and disadvantages.

The Bunny Problem

Added 2021-12-04, Modified 2022-03-12

An approach using probability theory

Vector calculus for ML

Added 2021-10-10, Modified 2022-03-12

Rules for differentiating neural networks

Interior point

Added 2021-05-30, Modified 2022-03-12

Solving linear programming problems