Polynomial interpolation

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You can break it by choosing two points on the same virtical line, or picking too many points.

How it works

Say you have points [(1,2), (3,2), (4,5)] And say you want to find a quadratic which goes through these points.
This is the same as the system of equations

a(1^2) + b(1) + c = 2
a(3^2) + b(3) + c = 2
a(4^2) + b(4) + c = 5

Expressed in linear algebra this becomes
# each row is [1, x, x^2] for each x in points
# (backwards order makes evaluation easier in code)
A = [[1 1 1]
     [1 3 9]
     [1 4 16]]

b = [2, 2, 5] # what we want (y values for points)
x = [a, b, c] # unknowns, what we're solving for
Then you can use elimination to solve Ax = b, as I've done here.


There are much more sophisticated techniques like the Fast Fourier transform which is O(n log n), while elimination is O(n^3).
I'll be implementing the FFT later, but for now, I've had my interpolation fix :)