Debugging python memory leaks

Added 2023-01-30

Some notes so I don't forget

Quick notes:

Here's an example of what you can do with this knowledge and a little imagination. Note the following function isn't complete, you'd want to make it recursive and restrict the depth somehow.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import networkx as nx
import gc

# NOTE: Unfinished, will maybe finish tomorrow
def reference_graph(variables: dict):
    ids = {id(o): name for name, o in variables.items()}
    def _name(o):
        return ids[id(o)]

    G = nx.DiGraph()
    for o1 in variables.values():
        for o2 in (o2 for o2 in gc.get_referents(o1) if id(o2) in ids):
            G.add_edge(_name(o1), _name(o2))
        for o2 in (o2 for o2 in gc.get_referrers(o1) if id(o2) in ids):
            G.add_edge(_name(o2), _name(o1))
    return G

# Test it
a = ['foo', 'bar']
b = [[a], 'baz']
c = ['qux', b]

variables = {'a': a, 'b': b, 'c': c}
nx.draw(reference_graph(variables), labels={k:k for k in variables.keys()})

Here's the graph from my messy version that works slightly better

This is probably not super helpful, but it shows an interesting trick.